"Can Men and Women Be "Just Friends"? Survey"
(Just a warning, this is not a video that provides proof of whether or not men and women can be just friends. This is a video that shows a dudebro walking around campus interviewing other dudebros about how much they wanna bone their friends.)

Eww. So much eww.

First off, this is yet another post that assumes everyone everywhere is straight. Second, I’m not seeing proof that men and women can’t be friends. All I’m seeing proof of is society’s approval of men objectifying women.
There’s this weird idea through the video that if you find someone sexually attractive, you can’t value their friendship. Also, the implication is that if a guy is hanging out with a girl, he wants to have sex with her. They explain this as, “Well, we’re all men…” as though it excuses it.

Look, attraction and friendship are not mutually exclusive. I have some friends that I find very attractive and would probably hook up with if they ever wanted to, and I have some that I’m not physically attracted to at all. That doesn’t mean one is more or less of a friend to me. 

This video also seems to imply that the guys who are friends with these girls are not genuinely friends, that they’re only doing it to get into their pants. Look, Nice Guys, I’ve said it before, but I think you need to be reminded. Not everyone thinks of women like you do. A lot of people can have friends of any gender. A lot of people can have friends they find attractive. A lot of people can distinguish between being nice/a good friend and “leading someone on”. When you talk about friendship with women as a means to an end (that end being their bedroom) you are being incredibly hurtful and objectifying. You’re basically saying that women are only good for sex, and you’re upset because you’re not getting any. 

It’s really not all that nice. 
(thanks Elameye for submitting this!)

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